Friday, 16 October 2015

Money and relationships - knowing your partner well before embarking on financial commitments

As somebody who fell into this trap previously and got seriously burnt when the opportunity came along to share this type of article I quickly agreed.

Everyone knows I love beauty and pretty things, but I also love to manage my finances – cute shoes don’t buy themselves! I’ve always been morbidly fascinated by couples who merge their finances too soon into a relationship. I mean, you don’t have to surf the web for too long to begin to encounter articles and testimonials written by aggrieved spouses writing about their own experiences with financial ruin and bankruptcy at the hands of their partners.

It seems that sinking down into debt, bad credit and financial chaos can be a terrifying ordeal when one partner feels powerless against another who is irresponsible with money. The only way to prevent this? Get to know your partner well before you merge your finances, and always stay on top of your accounts. Here are some other important tips that I have put together after a lot of thought.

Check your credit report before you merge your accounts – Before you make the decision to merge your finances with your partner’s accounts you simply must check your credit report. By checking your credit you ensure that you do not have any unresolved debts or black marks on your personal profile, issues that could cause severe problems for you and your partner when you decide to purchase a large ticket item. Myriad companies such as Experian offer free credit reports – take advantage of this service.

….and continue to check your credit report regularly – While you may trust and love your partner, you will both have peace of mind if you regularly check your credit report to ensure that nothing suspicious has occurred and that no unpaid bills have escaped your attention. This will also make sure that you and your partner are both on the up and up when it comes to your joint accounts.

Look out for ‘financial infidelity’ – Financial infidelity can cripple a relationship and undermine an otherwise strong bond. What is ‘financial infidelity?’ This 2012 Redbook article explains it perfectly- “secret shopping for "frivolous" things like clothes, shoes, or electronics can be a form of rebellion for a partner who feels penned in by a household budget.” Experts agree- this type of betrayal can be as devastating as an affair to a relationship.

Talk about it – This seems to be the simplest item on the list, but trust me – this is the most difficult. Talking openly and honestly about things that scare you, or divulging past financial mistakes that you feel ashamed about can be very nerve wracking, even more so when you are with the person of your dreams. Talking about your finances and making plans together for the future – these are the most important steps toward a happy, healthy financial life together.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Toddler Summer OOTD

As you know by now dressing Jacob is one of my of my guilty pleasures he is just so adorable and I love putting him in trendy outfits. This one has got to be one of my fav summer outfits. I know the weather hasn't been great but I wrote this a little while ago and I am hoping the weather will pick up so we can get some more use out of it.

The t-shirt is from Primark. I love primark clothes for kids the quality is really good and the prices are super cheap which is perfect for us because if Jacob can find mud, dirt, anything messy he is straight in there. I love the print and the cute little pocket detail. It is lightweight and perfect for summer fun. Jacob is wearing size 12-18 months.

Baby Gap is where you will find his shorts although they are last seasons. He is wearing size 6-12 months bless my diddy little child. The are really easy to move in and a really strong chino type material.

Perfect outfit for a playful summers day. He looked adorable and had lots of fun exploring in this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed another Toddler OOTD from me. I love creating them.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Becoming A Photographer - My Photography

I have been a little bit absent from my blog as I have been really concentrating on building my portfolio. I have always had a real passion for photography and after some encouragement from my husband I am finally giving it a go. I thought it would be nice to share a little bit of my work so far. I have tons of shoots booked for the rest of the month so if you want to keep up to date with my progress please like my Photography JenJbPhotography Facebook Page

I hope you enjoy my work so far. It is a great learning curve I am learning something new everytime I pick up a camera.


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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cafe Rouge Loughton Essex - Restaurant Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to Cafe Rouge in Loughton along with a few of my fellow Essex bloggers (thank you to Nicki for organizing).

I'm a massive foodie. I am not fussy, I love every kind of food and I enjoy eating out at restaurants so I was really excited to try out the menu.

Cafe Rouge is a french style chain restaurant. I believe the owners also own Bella Italia. The decor is amazing, I absolutely adored the vintage photographs and art work hung on the walls.

The menu is seriously extensive and it took me ages to narrow it down. I just had to go with the moules de frites (Mussels). I used to go France every year with my family and it was one of my favourite dishes to indulge in and Cafe Rouge didn't disappoint. The creamy, garlic and wine broth that the mussels were in was delicious and the perfect blend of all three. The chips were thin, crispy and so tasty.

After we ordered we really didn't have to wait long until all of our food turned up. As a table of 7 you sometimes expect one persons food to be wrong, cold or turn up to the table 5 minutes after everyone elses. Our food turned up together, piping hot and all of us were really impressed with our choices. The staff were very attentive they made sure we were satisfied with our food and that we all had a drink we didn't have to ask for anything.

If you can't tell I am really impressed with Cafe Rouge and can't wait to go back with my little family as I noticed that there was a good selection on the kids menu too.

You can see a vlog of our Essex Bloggers day out reviewing Cafe Rouge below.

Have you eaten at Cafe Rouge? Is there a dish you think I should try next time?

Jen x


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Toddler OOTD - Minimis

This is one of favourite type of posts to write. Although normally I don't write alot, just share lots of pictures of my adorable Jacob in super cute outfits. Of course there will still be plenty of pictures but I wanted to tell you a little bit about the brand Minimis which is where this whole outfit is from.

Minimis is a business set up by two young women in Hertfordshire, UK. They felt there was a niche in the market for sophisticated fashionable clothing for 0-6 years children. With brands such as Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, Vans Kids and many more jumping on board it is clear that Minimis are on the road to success.

I was asked to select a couple of pieces from the website for Jacob and here are the items I chose.

First up is the Timberland shirt.* I love the pattern its fun but also sophisticated. The material is extremely good quality and looks luxurious. This shirt is perfect for the summer; bbq's, birthday parties or even a nice picnic.

The Baby Graziella shorts* are adorable. They can be dressed up to make a smart outfit or dressed down with a t-shirt for a casual day outfit. They are very cool, light and very easy for Jacob to move around in. I paired these items with a belt as the shorts were too big for Jacob.

When the garments arrived they were packaged beautiful which for someone like me makes the whole shopping experience even more exciting. Minimis prices are very reasonable and they currently have a big summer sale on their website so be sure to head on over and check some of the awesome items they have available.

Jacob looks fantastic in this outfit. I love the colours and the overall look. There are so many gorgeous designer pieces on the website for girls and boys it was really hard to pick just one outfit. I know I will be purchasing more of his wardrobe from there in the very near future.

I would absolutely love you to head over to Minimis website it is all about supporting real people and their vision.

Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments below.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Huggies Little Swimmers Product Review

Swimming is and has always been a huge part of my life. My dad has been swimming since he was a teen and my brothers and I were introduced to the swimming pool at a very early age.

This is something I really wanted to encourage with Jacob. I think it is so important for kids to be confident in the water, to be strong swimmers, know the risks around them and to enjoy playing in the water whether that's a paddling pool in the garden, swimming pool or the sea.Not a great picture quality (see below) as it was a sneaky phone pic but this was the first time we took Jacob swimming.

When Jacob was about 2 months old we took him swimming for the first time. It was great fun, there were plenty of people on hand to help get him ready and then get him changed after. I wanted to continue taking him swimming but was really worried about the changing aspect especially when he started getting older and would wriggle around.

Luckily Huggies Little Swimmers* make it so simple, taking the stress away from taking your child to the pool. With a cute disney character nappy that fits under clothes like a normal nappy you can have your child prepared before you get to the swimming pool and then just wipe them off after. The nappies aren't bulky which means they fit under swim shorts/outfits although they are perfectly fine to wear on their own too.

The best thing for me is the fact that I can pop Jacob in a little swimmers nappy and he can run around the garden getting in and out the pool without ending up with a huge water filled nappy which has been perfect with the sunshine we have been lucky to have over the last couple of wees. His comfortable and happy which is the most important thing for me.

I treat them like normal nappies and change them regularly. They are also already made up in the pack meaning you can just pull them up and off they go. You can also unstick the sides and re stick just like a normal nappy. They come in several different sizes meaning they cater for all age ranges.

You can see the nappies in action in my newest vlog.

Highly recommend these nappies whether you take your little one swimming or they play with a washing up bowl in the garden. Have you tried the huggies little swimmers? Do you enjoy taking your little one swimming?

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Curvy Casual OOTD - Outfit Select Plus Size Fashion

I finally managed to put together an OOTD post for myself, yay! I LOVE fashion although I have lately been spending more time dressing a very trendy toddler rather than putting effort into what I wear. I will be honest my wardrobe is not what I want it to be right now. A mix of a young 20 year old's wardrobe and loads of oversized maternity wear it really isn't doing anything for me.

As someone that has never been shy to admit I am curvy and I do like having curves. I miss the days when my curves were toned and I am trying to adapt to the fact that I am a mummy but still feel so young at heart. I am not ready to give up on myself or my wardrobe I just need to find the right balance that works for my new mummy curves.

Here is an outfit I am loving. The top and trousers are both from Select I think it is perfect for so many occasions. I wore this for the day part of my hen do as I feel the trousers dress it up a little add a statement necklace and a good face of make-up and your good to go. I also love the fact it is casual enough for me to run around chasing after Jacob. Practical and pretty.

The trousers are my fav. I find it quite difficult to get trousers to fit nicely as I have toned legs but large hips and bum. I find these flatter both my legs and my hip/belly area. They are extremely comfortable and have alot of stretch in them.

I have paired the trousers with a baggy vest top. These types of tops tend to make me look huge. Having a large bust may seem appealing but when your t-shirts hang off your boobs giving the impression you are 9months pregnant it's not a good look. This top seems to be a really lovely cut and compliments my curves. I have put a plain white vest top underneath but for the brave out there you may prefer a bralette. The other thing about this top that I like is the dip back.

For this picture I have paired the outfit with a blue flower statement necklace and some white wedges. I have also worn converse and flip flops with this ensemble. It really does work for many different scenarios. Both items are in a size 14 and the whole outfit wasa less than £25.

These items have been washed several times and I have not had any issues with the clothing losing shape, colour or bobbling.

As you can tell I am pretty chuffed with this outfit. Apologies for the awkward posing haha. Have you shopped in Select before? Where is your fav shop at the moment?

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